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Barnabas Landing.png

Aerial view from Keats Island | Image Credit: Barnabas Landing

My roles

  • Cartographic Design

  • Canvas Construction & Preparation

  • Painting

Designing a map of Keats Island involved input from a variety of stakeholders including organization employees and local islanders to maneuver the politically infused process of delineating the nomenclature and locations to be included on the map. One central tension in the design process was that the organization wanted to direct its guests to the local hiking and walking trails without leading them through the often unmarked private property of island residents. I navigated this challenge by exploring the island on foot to identify the key trail markers and consulting as many different stakeholders as I could fit into my schedule.

keats_google maps.png

To create the map I used procreate and photoshop to lay out the key locations, and, upon recommendation by one of the staff members, overlaid a Strava map of the island to obtain more precise walking and jogging routes. 


I then projected the design onto a 5 by 7 foot canvas that I had built on-site and hand painted the design onto the larger scale.

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