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StatsCan Open Data Access

UBC INFO 300: Information & Data Design Course

Statistics Canada publishes data on a wide range of topics relating to Canadian life. Alongside four other students, I collaborated in the production of strategic design improvement recommendations for the Statistics Canada database website that both better reflect the needs of citizen science users and lower the barriers to those who are new to working with open-access data.

Econometrics Learning Tools

COMET (Creating Online Materials for Econometric Teaching) is a project started at the University of British Columbia in 2022 that seeks to provide fundamental econometrics learning resources for students and teachers alike. Based at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, the team consists of faculty and students (at all levels) working in partnership to develop hands-on learning modules that explore the real-world applications of economic theory using statistics.

Data Justice Resource Guide

The Gender+ in Research Collective, based out of UBC’s Office for Regional and International Community Engagement, works to promote a community in which gender and other intersections of identity, including race, class, sexuality, ability and others, are considered when conducting research. The Community-Based Research Data Justice Guide is a project that seeks to investigate the ways in which citizen science can be used by and for communities to collect data for their own benefit. 

Map of Keats Island

Barnabas Landing is a retreat centre located on Keats Island in the Howe Sound region of British Columbia. The goal of this project was to create a large-scale map that would be housed in the welcome centre lobby in order to help guests locate themselves, understand basic island topography and plan hikes and walks around the various island trails during their stay.

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