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UBC Yoga Club is a student-run, non-profit yoga collective that provides accessible and affordable yoga to the UBC Vancouver community. 


•• Designing and building a website & eCommerce platform

•• problem

  • Outdated Wordpress website with limited functionality

  • Inconsistent brand identity and online presence

  • Need for eCommerce platform directly connected to the site

•• process

UYC Website Proposal.jpg

As the first step for this project, I conducted research and synthesized a website re-design proposal with wireframes and hosting options for UYC team executives to evaluate. 

I worked with the team through an iterative design process that allowed UYC's wellness and community values to surface in their online presence.

Working start to finish, I coordinated domain arrangements, sourced content, wrote copy and shared training pedagogy to ensure that relevant stakeholders could take ownership for and fully experience the site.

•• product

The final product for this project was a fully functional website with e-commerce platform, mail chimp linkage, and customized SEO.


In addition to my Web designing role, I also employed my photography and communications skills by participating in social media content & copy creation to market the site launch and create posts that generated site traffic.

•• post-project

A highlight of this project was definitely the opportunity to facilitate and inspire conversation about brand identity among the UYC executive team. I also really enjoyed applying design thinking in my approach to collaborative problem solving on this project. As someone who values feedback, I have made myself available these past few months (since the project completion) to address bug issues, update information and make adjustments to the sites usability where needed. I always want to prioritize the vision that design should be for and about people, first.

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