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My roles

  • Researcher & Writer

  • Artistic Direction

  • Graphic Design

I was a part of the Gender+ in Research Collective as a student researcher for 1 year. I joined the project when the guide was in its draft stage. My contributions to the Community-Based Research Data Justice Guide included editing, proofreading, writing (specific sections), and brainstorming the layout, flow and artistic design of the resource guide. I also helped develop the visual identity for the project which employs a spectrum of vibrant colours to honour the queer and non-conformist methodological approaches used in the project’s research. 


The guide was written to be accessible to non-academic audiences; as such, it was important to the team that it didn’t read as an overly structured, linear document. My contribution to approaching this challenge was to place contemplative breaks between each section of the data processes that would invite readers to reflect and move through the guide at their own pace. To achieve this, I created 6 original artworks with accompanying poems which provided less abrasive transitions between each section.

When the guide was ready to be published, I assisted in the social media and promotional planning process. I drafted copy and created the visuals for a series of 6 carousel infographics which provided bite-sized overviews about what the guide is and how to use it.

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